Warrior Love Goddess | Star Rose Quartz Necklace | Inspirational Swarovski Jewelry | Birthday Gift for Here

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I Am Love
I Shine Brightly
Sharing My Love
With this World
I Am an Example
Of Love
I understand that
I must deeply & fully
Love Myself
I Am
Setting the Trend
By Loving Me

I Am Strength
All Obstacles
I Came Here to
Live My Passion
Full of Wisdom
To Create
My World
I am the Warrior Love Goddess
- Tara Marie Jack

May this necklace remind you to master self love. May it inspire you as you step into the new year to love yourself unconditionally

This necklace was also created for the women that have the courage to step into their power - in spite of failures, past hurts & their challenges; they get up on their feet & remember their inner strength & ready to conquer the World, all the while, still find Hope & Love. This bracelet was created to remind You of this inner voice & inner strength that lies within each of us.

•Made with•

• the most exquisite & rare Star Rose Quartz pendant set in a crystallized sterling setting
• Gorgeous & Luxurious Sterling Silver Paper Clip Chain
• Sterling Infinity Clasp
• Swarovski crystals connector pendants, illuminate your aura and deflect negative energy back to its source

Measures: 18” - 20” * if additional length is needed, please advise at check out

• Comes with personal gift packaging & card with message

• Swarovski crystals are known to illuminate the aura & deflect negative energy

• All designs are infused with healing energy and prayer

• Placed on Selenite Heart charging dish to activate properties of the crystals

• Gemstone Properties •

Star Rose Quartz is a gemstone that fills your heart with love. It is used to increase love luck and improve relationships. From ancient times, it has been valued as a gemstone that has the energy of goddess and angels. Star Rose Quartz gives love to you and others around you. It is a gemstone that heals everyone.

Rose Quartz is also the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart & heart chakra, teaching the true essence of self love?. It purifies and opens the heart on all levels. It brings a deep inner healing and activates self love. It draws romantic relationships & restores trust & harmony, & encourages unconditional love. Rose Quartz draws off negative energies & replaces it with loving energy. It enhances positive affirmations & is the finest healer. It aides in releasing hurts, traumas and any emotional pains transmuting them to loving positive emotions. It opens your heart to be receptive. It teaches you how to love yourself and accept love from others. Strengthens the physical heart & releases impurities from body fluids.

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