The Soul Knows - Magical - Soul Stack bracelet | Tanzanite and Purple Ruby bracelet | Inspirational Crystal Jewelry | Gift for Her

  • $75.00

Soul Stacks

My soul always knows what I need

It’s that tingle I feel

Validating the messages I hear

My soul always knows

It’s my guidance

That I know to be true

My soul always knows……

My soul wants me to feel….


My newest collection. Stackable bracelet with a message from spirit. This bracelet will support your inspired thoughts and actions with just the right crystals to support inspiration. Collect one, two or all of them. 

Made with •

• Tanzanite, the stone of magic and transformation 

• Purple Ruby, the stone of vitality and passion

• Crystal Passions crystals, illuminate your aura and deflect negative energy back to its source

• Tierra cast Gold metal rondelles

Measures 7.25” - 7.75”

Comes with gift packaging and Soul message

• Gemstone Properties •

Ruby is known as the protective stone that ignites passion and happiness to the one that wears it. 

It is a stone of Divine creativity. It promotes self esteem, intuition, spiritual wisdom. 

It is the stone of wealth and prosperity. 

It eliminates fatigue and depression restoring your vitality

Tanzanite- is one of the most valuable crystals for metaphysical healing. It is the stone of magic, helping to manifest miracles in ones life. Tanzanite has a high vibration with powerful metaphysical properties. These are strong stones to assist you to develop intuition. Because of their high vibration they are known for transformation. They activate the heart chakra which links the third eye via the throat chakra. It is a highly protective stone and is a great stone for career change and communication and allowing one to speak from the heart. When worn as jewelry, not only stays on ones auric field and brings ones consciousness to a permanently higher state, but brings the positive self awakening qualities to others who see its beauty




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