The Peaceful Spirit | Nirvana Quartz Necklace | Inspirational Swarovski Jewelry | Christmas Gift for Her

  • $125.00

She climbed and climbed,
until the day the mountain melted away,
all along she reaching outward,
when her beauty all lied underneath.
When she saw this truth,
she saw her spirit
always was and always
will be that infinite light
Her heart then knew,
all is exactly as its meant to be.
She was always whole.
No longer needing to climb for it,
the Peaceful Spirit,
was unveiled.

• Tara Marie Jack

May this necklace always remind you that you are always whole, and perfect just as you are, creating a sense of peace in your life.

• Made with •
• Extremely rare, wire wrapped Nirvana Quartz, the stone of personal enlightenment
• Sterling Silver Hill Tribe Angel Wings pendant
• Swarovski Crystal accents
• Sterling infinity clasp

Measures: 18” - 20”

• Swarovski Crystals illuminate the soul &
deflect negative energy back to its source

• Comes with message & gift packaging

• Created with infused love & intention

~ • Gemstone Properties • ~

Nirvana Quartz, also called Ice Quartz was discovered in 2006 when the glaciers of the Himalayan mountains began to melt away due to global warming. Prior, these crystals laid under these glaciers for thousands of years. Many of these pieces have what is known as trackers on them, sort of like Mother Nature’s historian.

They are known to possess incredible metaphysical properties. These energies are known to pave the way to the individual’s personal enlightenment. This is a meditative state of immense bliss where a person is free of any karmic burden that is being carried from one life to another.

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