Sedona Vortex Red Rock Bead Bracelet

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Sedona Vortex Magic


The vortex of magic swirls within each and everyone of us. That magic is love. 

Love is the supreme emotion of all the beautiful things that we desire through that Love.

Its in the vibration of her beauty that knows these truths. Just like the beat of 

Sedona Vortex, that Magical beat tunes to the rhythm of her heart.


When she is there, she is home. 


Made with Sedona Rock Beads that is pure high vibrational magic.


Turquoise is the sky - the stone of tranquility, protection, wisdom and good fortune.


Pink Opal is the sunset sky against yen red rock mountains - the stone of a healed heart


Mookaite Jasper - the sun & red rocks - the supportive stone for new experiences 


Tibetan Agate - Mother Earth - the stone of balance and good fortune 



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