Sea Goddess Earrings | Blue Coral Earrings | Inspirational Crystal Jewelry

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Sea Goddess
I Swim Strongly
with the rhythm
Of the Sea
Full of Mystery
And Magic
I Breathe in
The Wander
Of it All
I Understand
That the Sea
Is My Home
For I Am the
Mermaid Goddess
- Tara Marie Jack

May you feel the power in these earrings when wearing them. These earrings have been created for the Mermaid Goddesses that connect with the Sea & intentionally shape their worlds aware of their power within to do so.

The Mermaid Goddess teaches us to move with the flow of life.

Made with

• Rare Blue Sponge Coral, the stone of protection, communication and prosperity

• Swarovski Crystals, illuminate the aura & deflect negative energy

• Sterling Silver

• Sterling Silver Ear Hooks

• Gemstone Properties •

Blue Sponge Coral is extremely rare and is the stone that will help you maximize intuition, communication, and prosperity.

It starts as a coral and forms a “skeleton” of Aragonite around it which is how we get this beautiful blue color.

Blue Sponge Coral is extremely helpful to those that are entrepreneurs, helping you organize your daily tasks with time efficiency.

It is the stone of protection and activates the throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

It helps with shamanic, and visualization travels, and helps communicate the information received on your journeys.

It aids in blood circulation, throat infections and liver.

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