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  • $165.00

Mesmerizing Rainbow Quartz Sphere - the Lightworker Crystal

• Rainbow Quartz Sphere
• Measures 8” around

Rainbow Quartz is a stone of hope and light. Just as it’s name, it has the power of a rainbow.
It can ease all the sadness and anxiety around you. All types of energy can be vitalized because Rainbow Quartz has all 7 colors in it. This gemstone has a meaning and properties of increasing overall luck. It can heal and vitalize all kinds of energy.

It is a crystal of positivity. It wards off negative emotions and lights up your light when near.
It can heal and vitalize energy. It is known to bring good luck to those that work with it. It is helpful for those that want to increase love, wealth, health and magic in their lives.

It brings harmony and balance. It is particularly helpful in aligning the body, mind and spirit.

It is also known as the angel catcher. It is known to catch messages from the angels in heaven.

It is also a great tool for intuitives, especially those who work in the industry.

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