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I have always faced the world with my heart wide open, I have been accused of walking thru the world with rose colored glasses. Regardless of the pain and judgement from others I remained true to myself. To listen with your heart is the only way to connect with others and come from a place of love. Keeping joy in your heart allows you to shine on the outside. Having a strong connection to spirit and the universe allows one to be of service and stay heart centered. That’s why I wanted to create this design; to help you walk your path filled with love with a Radiant Heart.


Prehnite is the healing stone for healers, it assist in keeping joy in your heart and maintaining your personal power and allows you to connect to the universe for intuition and guidance.

I wanted to have this bracelet created to help others connect to the divine, heal themselves so that they can assist others and to stand in their personal power and shine. Healers often give themselves away and do not care for themselves. This piece allows them to connect to self and be protected and connected with heart wide open.








Prehnite brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind. It  reminds one of the existence of your personal power and at the same time it invokes the use of that power in the service of love. It is a 3rd and 4th chakra stone that has a profound ability to connect with the universe. Your heart has more vibration than your mind and when you connect to your heart and quiet your mind you will hear the universe.  Use this piece in  meditation so that you may hear your inner knowing.


My radiant heart opens wide

I allow my inner knowing

To connect to the divine

I am present and full of joy

I connect with my personal power

So that I can be of service to

Myself and others.



This bracelet has been created with intention to support you on a radiant heart filled journey.


  • Made with •
  • Prehnite, the healing stone for healers
  • Amethyst, the master healing stone
  • Swarovski Crystals, known to illuminate the aura & deflect negative energy back to its source
  • Tierra Cast Rhodium Silver & Sterling Silver Metal accents
  • Stunning Truly You Swarovski Heart pendant
  • • on Power Stretch Cord for an adjustable fit - Measures 7.5” - 8.5” *
  • * sizes can be ordered to fit anyone’s wrist upon request