Pink Aragonite Tower | Pink Aragonite | Crystal Tower | No. 12

  • $26.00

The feeling of soft pink heart taffy in a stone, the perfect crystal to work with in times of stress, especially with matters of the heart.

A stone of peace, love and stability. (Full meaning below)

Listing is for one Pink Aragonite tower with Drusy inclusions

Measures : Approx 4.” L - 3.75” Circumference .75.” D

Pink Aragonite towers - they are a soothing, stone of the heart. They create peace & balance in the heart. They bring calm, patience & stability to the heart center. They are a great stone to bring into meditation.

Pink Aragonite also aids in times of stress. It brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind which expands the awareness. If will assist you to bring this expansion into your heart chakra to give you the means to aid you in coping with stress from the heart. It is known as the worry stone, in that it dissipates your worries and creates a loving environment.


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