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My Best Life
I am full of gratitude
Blessed with
Showered blessings
Which is all my eyes can see
Oh Joy
Inspired by exciting
Bliss that fills my days
And So It Is
- Tara Marie Jack

Blessings are surrounding us every day, every minute & every moment. Sometimes, we cannot see them and yet they are there. Flowers bloom, rainbows arch & water fills our cups. We are blessed. And when we stay in gratitude, we open the doors to more blessings to move forward.
Amen is a word of thanks. It is word that says I have faith & I trust the process.

• Made with •

• Lavender faceted Amethyst, the master
healing stone, enhancing tranquility
• Swarovski Crystals in Tanzanite and Turquoise
• Tierra Cast Gold Rondelles
• 14kt Amen Pendant

• Swarovski crystals illumine the aura and
deflect negative energy

• Measures : 7.5” - 8.5”
* custom sizing can be requested at check out

💖Comes with affirmation Pisces cards and Custom Gift Packaging

~•Gemstone Properties•~

Amethyst - is a powerful stone that resonates at a high spiritual vibration. Known as the master healing stone, it transforms negative energy into love, enhancing serenity & higher states of consciousness. It alleviates stress & assists cleanses ones aura. Opens one to the higher realms. Activates & Balances All Chakras, especially stimulating for the Third Eye Chakra, connecting one with the Divine.

The stone of the Pisces

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