Magic | Sterling Silver Brookite Raven Charm Ring | Inspirational Swarovski Crystal Jewelry | Christmas Gift for Her

  • $116.00

Goddess of Magic
I Am Goddess of Magic
Magic lives within Me
Sparkly & Bright
Strong & Powerful
Creating Magic
In Every Moment
I Walk Through
I Am a Sorceress
Magically Creating
My Life
My Dreams
My Visions
I Am
The Goddess of Magic
- Tara Marie Jack

May you feel the power in this ring when wearing it. This ring has been created for Goddesses that are aware of their magic & intentionally shape their worlds aware of their power within to do so.

Ravens have always represented magic to me. When they cross my path, I know that a magical experience is on its way. They are all known for their mysterious presence. They are also telling you that you have a strong, mysterious energy life force.

• Made with•
• Extremely Rare Brookite, the highly vibrational stone of connection with your higher realm peeps
• Swarovski Crystals in Silver Night
• Artisan Hill Tribe Sterling Raven Charm
• Adjustable wide Sterling Silver Ring base

Size: Adjustable to any size ring

• Comes with personal gift packaging & card with message

• Swarovski crystals are known to illuminate the aura & deflect negative energy

• All designs are infused with healing energy and prayer

• Placed on Selenite Heart charging dish to activate properties of the crystals

• Gemstone Properties •

Brookite: is a high vibration stone that has a powerful effect within the higher chakras and it has a strong action to aid development of your spiritual gifts.

It may aid you to contact angels, and you may also find that you meet specific guides or teachers, that will help you on your journey to gain a greater awareness of your spiritual path.

This crystal may assist you to attract and retain energy, and has a quite unusual energy that helps to connect you with beings that are waiting to assist you within the higher realms.

This stone may enhance your ability to make a connection to both beings in the higher spiritual realms and entities from other places in the universe, including extra terrestrial beings.

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