Intuitive Mala with Reading

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Intuitive Mala with Reading
Intuitive Mala with Reading
Intuitive Mala with Reading
Intuitive Mala with Reading

Malas are one of the most cherished pieces that I create. I recognize what the process that it’s has done for myself and I get excited for others to feel that energy in their own lives when they wear them or meditate with them. Every time you run your fingers through each bead & knot; you are invoking the chants infused into it.

I started to merge my intuitive process with the sacred process of creating Malas. I created a few intuitive Malas for some. I want be clear in this. All of my work is intuitively created but for this instance, I am capturing the energy of the individual and working to create a mala that will support person on their specific path. Certain colors, stones that is specific to their well being are used. The few I have created have been remarkable. So I have been given a download to offer this sacred process to the public. It has always been my goal as an intuitive artist to create jewelry that not only made a woman feel like the goddess she is on the outside with beauty and lots of sparkle but for them to feel it on the inside as well.

So I am opening this sacred process to the public. It speaks to me to do so.

Here is a little insight of the Personal Intuitive Mala

Intuitive Malas

  • Comes with a reading that will support you in this new year
  • Based off your life path
  • Your personal year

And the intuitive guidance that is received will help develop your very own personal mala that supports you on your journey into the next decade.

This mala will be hand scripted connecting to your very own personal shakti (Feminine Divine presence within you) your footprint.

I will ask your guides to connect with mine as I create that the stones selected, colors & symbols to support you.

Once purchased, you will receive an email from within 24 hours to create your date. Please note that these are limited per month and are on a first come first serve basis. 

Cost $275

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