Rooted in This Life Mala

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Rooted in This Life

Life is all around me

This moment is where

 I am

It is the point 

I create from

Like roots of a tree

Deep into Mother Earth

I receive all the of 

Good Life has to Give

And so it is 

- written by Tara Marie Jack

Malas are not only gifts of beauty, they are a great tool to help you stay present in breath. 

• About My 108 Bead Malas•
I infuse certain chants and mantras into all of my Malas
Om Shanti - Peace
Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha - Joy
Om Shreem Malakshmiyei Namaha - Abundance
Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha - Removal of
Emotional Blocks
There 108 beads in patterns of 11*. The number 11 is a master number, acting as two pillars of strength. The number 11 helps to remind us to be present in the Now. Upon closing of our Mala, there are 3 knots and each represents the following:
I Am One
I Am Rooted to the Earth - Giving energy
I Am Connected to the Moon - receiving energy.
* in this particular Mala

9 | patterns of 11 | 99 | 99 represents the time to release the old & make
way for the new

This a collaborated effort - the Tree of Life Pendant is made by a magical Artist named Rachel Elizabeth. Her Tree of Life Pendants are also intuitively created with a window to the soul pattern. Her pendants are also carefully curated to create a portal of love to the heart.

• Made with •

2 | 11 | patterns of Mookaite Jasper, the stone to that will support you in new experiences

2 | 11 | patterns of Crystal Passions by Swarovski Crystal - illuminate the aura and deflect negative energy back to its source

2 | 11 | patterns of Burmese Yellow Jade, the stone that brings Good Fortune

2 | 11 | patterns of TIberian Agate which provides grounding in this moment 

Markers and Tree of Life Pendant, Mookaite Jasper

1 | 11 - of combined crystals as your transition 

 9 Marker and Guru of Golden Rutilated Quartz, the stone of illumination and Carnelian the stone of passion and vitality.

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