Kundalini Smokey Citrine - Cathedral Citrine Point

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Kundalini Smokey Citrine are found in the mines of Congo, they are the rarest of the Quartz and have the highest vibration of the Quartz family as well.

Citrine is known to the prosperity stone; Kundalini Citrine are the manifestor of prosperity and all things good. Kundalini Citrine will draw energy from the Root chakra in a spiral motion up to the Star chakra. This can be an intense feeling for some so it is advised to use with caution for those that may be sensitive.

Kundalini Citrine will reveal  your Divine gifts and swiftly turn it into wealth.

A quick manifesting ritual with these powerful pieces, place in your right hand and motion in a circular motion around the idea, person, intention or prayer to summon forth.

These beauties are said to be gifts left from the ancient Atlantis and Lemurian cidolizations. They are pure love and light energetic crystals filled with ancient wisdom. They will raise vibration, helping you tap into the Spirit, Angelic realms and access the Akashic records.

They will illuminate your path.

This listing is for one Kundalini Smokey Citrine cathedral point. 

Measures: 2.5” L x 2” W x 1.5” D

Kundalini Citrine, are reputed to fully activate the spiraling energy linking all Chakras. Held over the head, it is said to create a cosmic orgasm that takes one into the heart of creation to become a co-creator, an experience which is then ground into functional reality.

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