Guardian Angel Lavender Jade and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

  • $49.00

My Guardian Angel Soars High
I am Safe with her by my side
May she watch over me
In my times of dark
May she be that spark
Of light
Shining my way
Through the tunnel
As I walk towards the light
I have no fear for
My Guardian Angel
Is always near
My guide, my protector
My Guardian Angel
- Tara Marie Jack

May you feel the love and support of your Guardian Angel when you wear this bracelet.
We all have one or two or more. Feel their presence walk with you.

• Made with •

• Angelic Lavender Jade, the stone of the angels

• Swarovski Crystals throughout

• Tierra Cast Gold Metal Accents 

• Pave Angel Wing pendant

Measures 7.5” - 8.5”

• Swarovski Crystals illuminate the soul &
deflect negative energy back to its source

• Comes with message & gift packaging

• Created with infused love & intention

~•Gemstone Properties•~

Lavender Jade is a stone of the angels. It emanates pure energy of the highest etheric spectrum, and draws angelic beings to its light. It provides spiritual nourishment to all who touch or even gaze upon it.

It summons angels to its light. It also attuned to Goddess Kwan Yin, the Goddess of compassion.

As all jades, it brings good fortune, provides spiritual insights and is known to be the Dream stone. It also encourages creativity. 



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