Full Moon Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, & Green Quartz Set

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Rose Quartz - Amethyst - Green Quartz - Quartz

These beauties are preparing their journey for their release Full Moon ceremony. January 29th, 2020 marks the very last full moon, the Cold Moon.

Each one will lay on a bed of high vibrational Himalayan Sea Salt and charge under the full moon light. Before they soak up her light, they will be reiki and infused with sacred sankrit chants, to remove emotional blocks, and bring in joy, peace, and abundance.

Each one of these crystals are the perfect crystal to support you as you step forward into the Age of Aquarius, the time of a higher consciousness.

This is the perfect set to carry with you for your daily support, and great for crystal grid work.

This set consists of (4) four individually artisan carved crystals shaped into a full moon. Then salt tumbled to give you that sea glass matte look & feel to them. It’s like holding the moon right in the palm of your hand.

This set consists of:

• (1) Quartz full moon, the master healer, introspection, clarity, aligns all chakras, manifesting, protection & meditation. Amplifies all other crystals.

• (1) Rose Quartz full moon, the stone of self love, creating healthy boundaries, heals traumas, provides peace, balance, & harmony - heart chakra

• (1) Amethyst, the stone of opening the third eye, psychic abilities, enhances intuition, protection & healing

• (1) Green Quartz, holds all the same properties of clear Quartz, while supporting the healers of the world, supports immune system, heals the heart and good fortune

* Comes with velvet pouch to carry with you

- As the set you save $16 - set supplies are very limited and also can be bought individually.


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