Antique “The Selflessness Boy”Vintage Brass Wall Plaque - Mid Century

  • $55.00

This is a mid century brass plaque of Muga which means Anatta, known as the “Selflessness Boy” the boy who wanted to give his life to a life of devotion to Buddhism to reach Zen.

Anatta means

Anatta, (Pali: “non-self” or “substanceless”) Sanskrit anatman, in Buddhism, the doctrine that there is in humans no permanent, underlying substance that can be called the soul. The concept of anatta, or anatman, is a departure from the Hindu belief in atman (“the self”).

This is a mid century brass wall plaque, screws included from Okinawa, Japan. This piece has its beautiful patina throughout.

Measures: 9” H x 4.25” W

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