Mixed Media Art

Creativity can help move you through times of crisis and help move the energy in all areas of your life.  Many people think that they don’t have any creativity, which is a totally untrue assumption.  Creativity is inherent in each and every one of us, its just waiting to be activated.  This journey will assist you in discovering yourself in a whole new way, opening channels, ideas and healing on all levels that you may have never thought about before.  This will be a safe place where we will explore ourselves and our emotions that may come up through this process. This healing journey will open many new possibilities for you.

My personal type of art is Mixed Media art, which helps you to tap into your inner child, release stress and move energy in a healthy and productive manner.  Mixed Media is a layering process letting you feel through the process not being fixed on what it is supposed to look like. What intrigues me most about Mixed Media is that there is no definitive outcome when you begin, you let the paint and color move you, letting go of control.  As many of us do, we have a longing to always be in control, this modality gives you the opportunity to let go and trust that the beauty and masterpiece that will arrive at will be perfect.

A great way to express your feelings with Mixed Media is Art Journaling which can become a very powerful tool.  You can use Art Journaling in many ways; there is no right or wrong way.    Creativity has many benefits, it expands intuition, visionary capacity, relieves stress and much more.