Live Sales

The following process will be followed for all live sales:

Claiming Items

When there is an item you would like to claim, please type “Claim & Item number”

Item will be given to the first claim and a secondary will be noted if the first person does not claim it within 24 hours of invoice

Please note that you may see you as the first person on your screen, there is typically a lag in between and your claim may not be the one that comes through on our end as first.

Shipping & Processing 

After the live sale, please allow up to 48 hours for your invoice to arrive. Most invoices will be same day but to ensure accuracy, it may take longer depending on the amount of sales. We want to make sure all items are correctly accounted for.

Shipping can take up to three weeks. Shipping is scheduled by invoice paid. Each box is carefully and lovingly packed along with print out of meanings of the crystals and each box can take up to three hours to pack.

Secondary claimants

If you are a secondary claimant, you will be notified if item is not paid for or the first claimer chooses to pass on the item.


Invoices are to be paid within 24 hours of invoice, unless other agreements have been made.

Non payment of invoice forfeits claims and will be offered to secondary claimer