Customer Love

Tara Marie Jack has the perfect blend of artistic ability and intuitive guidance when creating her dazzling jewelry. She uses her intuition to pick the perfect stones, then adds to it the guided accent pieces which creates a spectacular piece for the eyes to see.

In addition to the beauty that you see visually, she then infuses the creation with the energy of love, peace and spiritual connection to make it a high vibrational, high quality specialty item. My clients LOVE Tara's designs and often buy an entire collection to wear for special occasions or to give as gifts. Tara's intentionally created jewelry will raise your vibration and remind you of who you really!

Sunny Dawn Johnston



These earrings are magnificent! As soon as I saw Tara's creation, I knew they were meant for me. I enjoy keeping up with what Tara is busy creating and appreciate all that she puts in to her pieces.

- Vikkii



I was blessed to have Tara share art journaling with me. The minute I met Tara I felt very comfortable and it felt like I had always known her. As I worked on my art piece Tara would make small comments or ask questions that made me think. She is incredibly intuitive to the way you use your hands. Just by watching my color choices Tara was able to tap into fears I have in life. When I finally picked up the color I had been avoiding and used it I saw it's beauty. I learned through simple paint and color and the intuition of Tara that in life we often overlook the obvious choosing to not use our full palette of colors. I also learned that sometimes it's messy but in the end we are left with a beautiful masterpiece, just like in life. When I requested an art journaling class with Tara I thought I would just paint a picture, play a little and have some fun. What I gained was all of that plus so much more, I gained insight, wisdom and love. Art is now a part of my regular self-care, what Tara taught me was that valuable. Tara has an amazing, unique gift and I am so happy she is sharing it with the world. Tara's gifts changed my life.

- Shelly



I ordered a necklace and matching earrings and they sparkle with light and Tara Marie's beautiful energy. I love that Tara Marie brings her intuitive gifts to her artistry.

- Kathleen Foley



This piece is too beautiful for words. I asked Tara to make me a special piece and told her my ideas and this lovely necklace is what she came up with. It's way more beautiful than I had ever envisioned. It's absolutely stunning!! I love it. You are such a talent Tara.

This piece was especially made for me to match a beautiful necklace I had bought previously and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it so much. Tara is such a talent. Just love her pieces.

- Kim Goodwin



Love this bracelet. It's soft and dressy and as with all the bracelets i've bought from TaraMarieJack, I can feel the love that was put into it's creation.

- Caroline Negus



Since my first retreat with Sunny in April 14 I have fallen in love with my Tara Marie Jack angel jewelry. I have a strong connection with AA Gabriel power set and wear it not only for its beauty but for its protection. Tara infuses her pieces with angel energy and love and you feel it. The different angel pieces have their own respective angel resonance and there are no words to adequately describe how you feel when you wear them. I have one bracelet for each AA and feel connected and protected when I wear them. I have had the privilege of gifting about 30 bracelets to special women in my life and each were received with much love happiness. They sparkle and shine and the energy is like nothing else on the planet because if their divine connection. Tara Marie Jack creations are truly one of a kind. You have to experience them. They are not your ordinary jewelry. How can they be when they are created by an earth angel and carry heavenly angel energy. They are doubly blessed. Once you purchase one piece you will want more. I guarantee it.

- Giuliana Giuliano



I Requested Tara Jack to create a necklace in honor of my Mom that had passed July 19, 2014. I provided her with a Picture and my Mom’s Name and my birthstone/ Birth month. I am open to believe but am a little skeptical. What I share with you next is when I received the beautiful piece of art which specifically represents my MOM. The incredible gift was the messages that I will hold dear in my heart. For example Tara shared that My Mom gave direction okay insisted that her name be on the heart with nothing else and I totally understood this coming from my Mom.

- Kim Thompson



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