Awaken to Your Soul Toolbox

Tap into Your Magic

October Blue Moon Box

(This is a very limited offer - Only 28 boxes available)

This box is created to support your path to live an awakened state. That’s why it is called The Awaken to Your Soul tool box.

October Awaken to Your Soul Toolbox

I am so excited to share this new box with you!!! I want you to FEEEL the life of creative bliss through my eyes. And it is my wish on a star moment that this box inspires your Soul as much as it does mine. Each box I create has Artisan products that align their message  with creating inspirational products that elevate the World with their magical creative gifts. 


May you open your heart to the magic you deserve and desire.


There are only 20 boxes available and only 8 VIP Boxes
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This special box has a featured guest who has inspired me in many ways and has lead me to live a life filled with more joy, love, creativity, freedom and most importantly self worth. 

Melissa Kim Corter has been chosen as my very first inspirational feature for she has shifted my life through her work, as my mentor and coach.  She not only has helped me but also a community of women that have struggled through knowing and seeing their own power.

Her blend of shamanic, psychological and spiritual blend that comes through as a Magical experience to which she shares with you to help you tap into your own best life. She is so passionate about her work with others while helping them live their life to their potential. It is felt when you work with her.

Working with Melissa has changed my life, and the way I see myself. It was as if one day, a switch turned on and the the lights of the dark room I had been living in; became illuminated. I suddenly could see what I had longed to see within me for so long. And once the lights were turned on, I could never Live knowingly in the dark for now I can see whats out there........

Then my friend, thats when all the magic in my own life began to happen. Im working double time to now keep up with all of the opportunities that are opening for me! And I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! I now know my own magic. - Tara Marie Jack 

Melissa Kim Corter is a best-selling author, intuitive business coach, and clinical hypnotherapist certified in over 37 modalities. Her specialty is helping women overcome emotional and financial blocks with evidence-based + spiritual approaches. She uncovers patterns by examining the connection between the nervous system and subconscious mind then hones in on the specific block and crafts a recipe for the client to release and replace the block utilizing hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Shes helped countless creatives, authors, and coaches achieve goals and reach new levels of financial and emotional success. One of her passions is utilizing her techniques to help female entrepreneurs step into potential and possibility and live the legacy they seek to create. She is also the creator of Wild Woman INC. a sacred online gathering space for the woman "who knows her magic".

In your box you will find: 
  • Artisan Phantom Quartz Pendulum created by Tara Marie Jack
  • Magical Autumn Equinox Potion created, and blessed by Melissa Kim Corter
  • Full Moon Yoga Nidra Meditation by Melissa Kim Corter
  • Artisan Full Moon Candle by Magic Fairy Candles
  • Artisan Bath Bomb, Intuitively Chosen by Magic Fairy Candles
  • Blue Full Moon Essential Oil Blend by the Happy Bee
  • Floral Crystal Sage Wand by Amiga Wild
VIP BOX also includes:
  • Witchy Brew Luna & Quartz Crystal Infused Body Oil