Love Spell Goddess Magical Manifesting Wand | Magic Wand | Rose Quartz & Opal Meditation tool | Inspirational Swarovski Crystal Wand

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Love Spell Goddess
I cast the spell of love
To be seen
To be felt
Everywhere I go
My eyes see only
My heart feels only
I create Love
I am Love
I receive Love
I put a spell of
I am the
Love Spell Goddess
• Tara Marie Jack

A wand for love. This Artisan wand has been created with specific intention. Made for the healers of the world. This is a great tool to use for meditation, reiki, create your reality and manifest all you desire.

Each Wand has been infused with Sacred Sankrit Chants while in manifest form
The Sanskrit chants infused within this wand offer :
• Abundance
• Peace
• Joy
• Removal of Emotional Blocks

Each wand will come with a description of these chants
The last step is Reiki infusion and healing White Light Prayer

this Love Spell Goddess Magical Manifesting Wand is created with:

• Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love
• Welo Opal, the stone of personal power
• Mixed Media Art
• Swarovski Crystals
• Artisan paint
• Measures 13”

• Comes with custom gift packaging & cards
about this design

• Swarovski Crystals are known to deflect
negative energy back to its source and
illuminate the aura

~ • Gemstone Properties • ~

Rose Quartz- is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important crystal for the heart & heart chakra, teaching the true essence of self love?. It purifies and opens the heart on all levels. It brings a deep inner healing and activates self love. It draws romantic relationships & restores trust & harmony, & encourages unconditional love. Rose Quartz draws off negative energies & replaces it with loving energy. It enhances positive affirmations & is the finest healer. It aides in releasing hurts, traumas and any emotional pains transmuting them to loving positive emotions. It opens your heart to be receptive. It teaches you how to love yourself and accept love from others. Strengthens the physical heart & releases impurities from body fluids.

Rough Welo Opal is an enhancer of personal power, awakening inner fire & a protector against danger. It is a symbol of hope, excellent for business, and an energy amplifier. This stone facilitates change & progress. Opal aides in releasing deep seated feelings of guilt, grief & is a wonderful stone for letting the past go. Fire opal is great with healing
of the abdomen & lower back. It stimulates & Activates the lower chakras Stimulating creativity and prosperity in our lives.