Green Strawberry Quartz Palm Stone

  • $17.00

Green Strawberry Quartz Is the stone of Universal Love. When you carry, wear, or work with Green Strawberry Quartz, you will open up the door to great Divine Love of the Universe to you.

If you struggle with feeling loved, this is the perfect crystal for you to work with.

It’s sparkles throughout will remind you of the light within you that is the spark of this Divine Love.

This beautiful crystal activates the heart chakra.

It helps you to know your gifts and how to get your gifts out there to be recognized. It will also help you to see the path you are meant to walk.

It is the remover of obstacles, allowing you to conquer anything that is thrown your way.

It is a very good stone to work with if you live a very fast paced lifestyle; for it will instills peace of mind to your being.

It helps to awaken the spirit body so you may easily tap into that higher realm. You will find yourself easily spiritually centered all the while helping you to be grounded in this life.

This is the stone of destiny and bliss.

This listing is for 1 (one) piece of Green Strawberry Quartz

This piece be intuitively chosen.

Size Approx - 3”

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