Antique 18th Century Goddess Tara Statue Terra Cotta Clay | Antique Hindu Deity

  • $333.00

This is an 18th Century Hindu Deity, Goddess Tara.

Goddess Green Tara, the Female Buddha.

Tara is the goddess that transforms the mundane experience of two bodies in pleasure into a heightened experience of total transcendence.

In Hinduism, the purpose of statues are to be closer to the Gods, or Goddesses and have been used for centuries for meditation and to transcend the human experience to connect with them. In Hinduism, many believe that manifestations are of one Supreme transcendent force.

This statue was created by the artist to do such. It has traveled a long way and for a long time. Is she ready to come into your life to learn about all the magic she can bestow into your life?

This is Terracotta clay statue. Terracotta is an earthenware and then fire heated. This being painted in the 18th Century proves to be of the upper class for the paint was made by grinding the pigment and the. Adding it to a binder such as oil to create paint.

Most pigments were made from ground pieces of stone, soil, clay and coal.

This statue measures
8” H x 3.5” W x 2” D

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