Devoted to You Ruby and Pink Tourmaline Necklace

  • $233.00

I look in the mirror
To tell Her
I Love You
You are My
You are My
You are the one
I am in
Love with
Every Day
You are Me
I Am
Devoted to You
- Tara Marie Jack

As women we are natural nurturers, which means we often forget to make ourselves a priority. It is my desire that this necklace remind you to make yourself a priority and also remind you to give yourself the same love and compassion that you so freely give out to others.

This is a limited edition necklace with a discontinued Swarovski Crystal Devoted to You Heart Pendant

• Made with•

• Pink Tourmaline, the stone of opening the heart to unconditional love

• Purple Ruby, 

• Swarovski Crystals, illuminate the aura and deflect negative energy back to its source

• Swarovski Crystal‘s Devoted to You Heart Pendant in Antique Pink

• Sterling Silver metals, chain and infinity lobster clasp

• Pave angel wing detail

Measures - 20” - 22”


• Gemstone Properties • 

Pink tourmaline is the stone of the heart. It allows you to open to all the unconditional love you deserve. It opens and activates the Heart Chakra. 

It is a stone that cleanses the emotional body, clearing past traumas, restoring healing while uniting the physical with the etheric body. This allows infusion of love with spirituality.

It opens you to compassion and gentleness to yourself by reminding you of your true super power, love. 

Pink Tourmaline also helps you with stress, anxiety and worry. It brings in peace within your being.

Ruby is known as the protective stone that ignites passion and happiness to the one that wears it. 

It is a stone of Divine creativity. It promotes self esteem, intuition, spiritual wisdom. 

It is the stone of wealth and prosperity. 

It eliminates fatigue and depression restoring your vitality.


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