Intuitive Art Reading

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Intuitive Art Reading
Intuitive Art Reading
Intuitive Art Reading
Intuitive Art Reading
Intuitive Art Reading
Intuitive Art Reading

Creative Art Intuitive Readings

I have been inspired through Spirit, for me I call it a download, to create these remarkable and magical spirit inspired art intuitive readings. I am inspired to bring forth my highly trained intuitive skills while blending it with my amazing artistic gifts.

Are you looking for guidance in your life?
messages from spirit
guidance in any area
what spirit animal is walking with you & why
gain clarity on your path

I am now creating messages through art -

Here is a little about the process:
I will be writing your name on a piece of paper, summoning in your angels and spirit guides. I also ask your spirit animal to step forward. I will also be doing the same for mine; its actually a communion of spirit. Yours and mine. The next step is to go into a 30 minute meditation.

In my meditation, I will be walking through a forest or next to the ocean, whichever way I am guided intuitively. Within this walk, our spirits will walk together, reflecting on your journey. Our spirit guides and angels will talk to us, giving us Divine guidance and messages that are important on your journey. Throughout this journey, I will be consciously looking for your spirit animal to appear and I will communicate to your animal to unveil its messages as well. Finally, I also take notice of colors in your auric field. Upon completion of this journey, I will give the highest form of gratitude for this Divine communion.

Once out of this meditation state, I will be transcribing these messages written onto paper.

The next step, is where the magic steps in. The first thing will be to draw you on the paper for this is you, your journey, your message and your power that is being infused onto this masterpiece. Your Spirit Animal Guide will also be infused next into your masterpiece. This will be a mixed media art process, which in itself is one of emotional expression and awareness (I encourage anybody to discover its power). I am then guided intuitively to colors and the layers of your inner being transforming them into art. Now, as I create this, art, I have a complete and open channel to the Divine which has always been my main motivation to create art and jewelry design, and with the messages I receive in addition, I keep a voice recorder handy to note these additional messages.
Finally, your completed reading will receive a full written reading on an artistically designed paper, created by my Creative Digital Design Intuitive Artist, Amy Roberston. I combine all messages received, about your spirit guides and angels, about your spirit animal, its meaning and purpose, and your lifes purpose based on your numerological life path number. Each one will be different and unique tailored to align with your very own spirit. I will continue this art process until I intuitively know that this is complete.

In my very first one, pictured here, Vicki started with yellow, which is about sunny optimism, shining which represented her inner child at a young age, then it got muddied from her heaviness this goddess had to power through in her journey. Suddenly, it took me to a place of empowering strength, perseverance. Suddenly, out of no where, I see a face, and wings and hear within that her guardian angel wants her to know she is here. And, for me, that was a blessed and humbling gift for me to receive to give to her. Her spirit animal, the bear in this picture for her to be reminded of its guidance for her.

This masterpiece comes on mixed media art paper using an array of mixed media supplies, such as & not limited to; acrylic paint, colored pencils, markers, water color paint, art crayons, wax crayons & is a layered created effect.
Each piece of work is infused with love & there are hearts 歹 incorporated into the page throughout

Each masterpiece will be unique & tailored to your energy & the messages I receive through my intuitive process described above.

The picture itself measures 11x 14"

Once, payment is received, you will receive an email, containing a Welcome letter- a questionnaire, instructions & an availability date.
This process is 7 - 10 days and this is a first come, first served basis.

Please note that pictures here do not reflect your artwork these are for reference & the last photo reflects the artful paper your written message will be on. It is left blank here for a visual only.

Upon completion you will also receive a scanned downloadable digital print of your art & an electronic copy of your message.

I am grateful & humbled to connect with spirit, the angels & to God to be able to communicate these messages to you in this way, the way of healing through creativity. 鳶
Many blessings, love & light,
Tara Marie Jack

呼f you would like to learn more about myself & this process, please visit my website