The Fear Of Fitting In And The Divine Goddess


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“Through my jewelry, it has given me a way to feel like I fit in.  It has become a space in my life to feel safe. When I create jewelry I can see its beauty.” – Tara Marie Jack, VIP Spiritual Leaders Fitting in has always been a huge theme in my life. Lucky for […]

Be the Light Spread Love Spread Peace


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I have found myself over the past month finding myself triggered by fear – fear for our country – fear for our World and fear for our children. With all of the killing, hate and politics how could I not? I am an empath who is sensitive to the feelings that surround me. But then […]

Self Worth, Self Sabotage and Divine Goddesses


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Most recently I was challenged for an upcoming photo shoot to share with her who do I see as my ideal clients. I have taken many courses throughout the years to describe this same idea & every time this came up I couldn’t get anything out. So of course, because it is for a photo […]

Gratitude and Dishes


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Doing the daily dishes is a task that can become daunting at times. Some people even despise doing them. But for me, it becomes moments of gratitude. I can’t even remember how long ago this came about, probably around 8 years ago when I bought my house. While I do my daily dishes my mind […]

Unicorns, She and Being Deeply Connected

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the emergence of spring! I shared last month about the process of detoxing and decluttering and since then, I’ve picked up a new habit of going outside on a daily meditation walk with my four fur babies. This is a daily decluttering of my mind.  It allows […]