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The Energy of February 2018


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The energy of February is optimistic and more fluid than January. Venus (planet of beauty and love), Mercury (communication) and the Sun (self) all join Neptune in Pisces, the Fish at mid-month, so we should all be swimming forward with ease! New Moons are the perfect time to start new projects. This New Moon lands […]

Empower Your Inner Badass in 2018!


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I hope this finds you enjoying the holiday season! 2018 is almost here and if you’re like me, you’ve already started to think about what you want to DO, BE, HAVE, etc in 2018… which is why I am excited to share a really fun online course coming up that I am a part of! […]

Life Book 2018 & Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelet Giveaway


Tags Jewelry, Tara's Thoughts

Right now I am giving away one of these fabulous Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelets. This giveaway, will be a step to a creative and healing journey for you, my Goddess in 2018. Right now, I am happy to announce that I will be an instructor along with 23 other amazing artists on Life Book 2018 […]

Life Book 2018 Blog Hop & Give Away!


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Hello Gorgeous Souls!!!! I have some SUPER DUPER EXCITING NEWS to share with you all!!!!  I have been giddy with joy and excitement since I heard that my proposal had been accepted for this opportunity!!!! I will be sharing my Love for the Angels combined with my Passion for Jewelry!!!  I will be participating in […]

I Didn’t Get the Opportunity, I Am Dark by Tara Marie Jack


Tags Tara's Thoughts

When you think about self love, what does that look like? Or better yet, how does that FEEEELLL to you? What I have learned is that we really need to feel to know or bring forth a new belief. New beliefs inspire new creativity in our lives. When we adopt new healthy beliefs, we release […]