Yellow Calcite

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Yellow Calcite is a fairly new crystal on the market. It was found in the mines of  Pakistan in 2020.

Yellow calcite is pure sunshine, it will radiate life energy right through you as it stimulates your solar plexus.

Yellow calcite promotes joy, courage and happiness when working with it.

It will motivate you to find new found energy within you. It will help you get to the core of procrastination while opening your mental capabilities such as your focus, confidence, commitment and determination.  While motivation on the conscious level is activated, the subconscious is activated to dig deep to the core of lack thereof to bring to the surface for healing and awareness. When meditation, it will help you transmute that energy to open you up to your best potential.

Lemon Calcite is highly recommended for manifestation work. It will maximize the magic of manifestation. It will open your mind to the new energies into fruition.  When working on an intention, hold your Lemon Calcite as you visualize the intention and let it do its magic. When you work with Lemon Calcite in this capacity, it will provide a visionary experience”.  This is the process of creating your own reality.

Lemon Calcite clears old energy patterns and promotes self esteem. It aids in self examination, clearing your mind to allow access to your inner wisdom.

Zodiac signs / Pisces & Sagittarius


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