Why I Love Art Journaling

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Release_compactArt Journaling for me is a way to express myself through color and art.  I love to transform my paper into creative energy.

Its always fun, but most of the time it transforms the energy that surrounds my world.  I love the feel of paint on my hands.  I love to see the colors – vibrant colors.  The energy of colors feel so alive and I get lost in their mesmerizing power they have over me.

Perhaps it is because I miss the colors of Heaven that I replace that void with Art and the spectacular colorful display which reminds me at the base of my soul the vivid colorful place which I came from.

Art_1_compactIts there I feel it.  I love the feeling and the healing that Art Journaling gives me.  It truly is a gift.  A gift of letting go of the moment, the pressures, the outside World.  Its just me and my soul creating this magical outlet that transforms right in front of me.  It heals my Soul.  It gives me a chance to connect with her and dance the dance of magically creating together.

And as much as I love to Art Journal myself, I love to teach it as well.  I love to watch as clients transform their pages into pieces of art.  Not knowing what will come out of it as I guide them through the process.

But my most gratifying part of the experience is watching them gleam as they see their end result and the feeling they are experiencing as they have created their own piece of magic.  They get out of their routines to create magic.  Many of my repeat clients call it their “Art Therapy”.   I agree, it is the reason I started it and the reason I love to share it.


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