What Does It Mean To Be An Intuitive Artist?

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I get asked often, what is an Intuitive Artist?  What does that mean?

For me, all my life since I was 5 years old and had an experience with Archangel Michael in the bathroom of my father’s house – I have always known things, felt things.  And for as far as I can remember, I have searched, read and learned as much as I could to harness this gift I was aware of since a child.  But for me, being always a spiritual being and live my life in love and light, can be a struggle.  I am a very passionate and emotional being that fights daily with the battle of self worth and self care.  I let negative thoughts that are created from the ego be my biggest barrier to complete happiness that in my core I have access to at any point.  Many years, I believed that I wanted to be a healer, Intuitive, Medium but it was when I started to create I knew where I found my true passion.

When I create, its a place for me to be, for me to be closest to God.  I suddenly have a direct connection with Spirit and love the gift of this connection.  And when I am away too long, it calls to me, my heart yearns, my body aches.  When I discovered this, I knew exactly what my calling is in this life.  What calls to you?

So as an Intuitive Artist, I create designs that may call to you, and that reason is my friend because I am connecting with your spirit and what your spirit may be needing to help you vibrate stronger on your journey.

I would love to hear what calls to you?  What are your passions?  How do you connect closely with God?

Many Blessings, Love, & Light

Tara Marie Jack

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