Unicorns, She and Being Deeply Connected

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I hope this finds you well and enjoying the emergence of spring!

I shared last month about the process of detoxing and decluttering and since then, I’ve picked up a new habit of going outside on a daily meditation walk with my four fur babies.

This is a daily decluttering of my mind.  It allows me to get out and away from social media. and connect with Mother Earth. I stumbled across this little park about a year ago and it has become my private sanctuary.

I love nature and I am inspired by its beauty – I connect deeply with nature.

I frequently sit in the park with my dogs and take in its gift to us.  I watch my dogs play with smiles on their faces, tails wagging and tongues hanging.

I look at the green grass as its expands into life before me.  I can hear it breathe to me, hug me with its soft touch and kiss me with its sweet scent to my nose.

I am warmed and loved by the sun.  I am also partly shaded by the most beautiful supportive and loving tree.

Sometimes I do kart wheels and play by swinging on a tree.  Sometimes I just lay on the grass and stare up to the sky – I feel my inner child through these experiences.

And I always take time to align my breath with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The other day it was warm about 73 degrees (with the sun hitting my face, it feels like 80) there were birds everywhere singing – there was a symphony of music and I closed my eyes and listened to it knowing that it was Gods music I was listening to.

I find “me” in no other place better than in nature.  It is alive to me.   In these precious moments, I am sitting in a sacred space United with all that There Is, The Divine, God and my Heart bursts with Love and Gratitude andi’m reminded that I am living in Heaven on Earth.  Everywhere you look.

This inspires my actions in each moment.   It connects me to the creative spirit within me that bursts into my creations.

Through these daily connections I have been inspired to create more and most recently I created theUnicorn line which is full of enchanted fun.

I was also guided to create a new painting which I named “she” and you can read more about her here.

Do you connect with nature?  How do you meditate? I would love to hear your feedback.

Until next time, I wish you much joy and happiness in your days.

Much love & light
Tara Marie

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