The Mermaid Stone

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Aquamarine is our Crystal of the Month!  Aquamarine embodies the purity of crystal blue waters. It inspires truth, faith and surrendering of all fears over to the divine.

Aquamarine has long been known as the mermaid stone, believed to be the treasures of the mermaid world. It is also been used by sailors as a talisman of good luck and protection.

It is a stone of beauty and seeing the beauty in the world around you. Aquamarine is a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

Aquamarine is a great companion for speakers, leaders, and teachers alike. It activates the throat chakra, helping to overcome the fear of speaking. It's also the stone of speaking the truth, so others may hear your message clearly and from a space of love. As the stone of truth, it embodies all things connected to the waters of the world. It is a mirror of the heavens above, reflecting all the mysteries of reality to be revealed.

It is a great companion for all prophets, shamans, healers and mystics. With truth being revealed in reflections of the heavens, it allows us to discover ourselves down to our deepest part of our souls. Aquamarine will soothe the soul, create calmness as in does the sea.

Physical Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the stone of breath.  It can be used to heal sinuses and respiratory infections. It is a great companion for allergy season. It is great for all matters relating to the throat and very beneficial for the teeth and gums.

Aquamarine and Emotional Energy
Aquamarine is a water element stone and just like the oceans of the world, aquamarine is a powerful cleanser. It will cleanse the emotional bodies and open the communication pathways.  Aquamarine helps one with old traumas, pains and hurts which can successfully come to the surface when working with aquamarine.  It will help you to express these feelings that have been stuffed down. It also helps you to understand the reason these have been held onto for so long, allowing you to release the old patterns of thinking and reacting that may have inhibited your forward movement towards freedom.

As a calming stone, aquamarine can help you to release negativity, balance anger or fear, and clear past emotional, physical, or verbal abuse. It is an excellent stone for children and the inner child who have been through traumatic situations -- especially where there was a dissociation with their physical body. Aquamarine is also a great healing stone for those that have had judgmental parents and the releasing of the lingering guilt and/or shame from those experiences.

Aquamarine is the stone of empowerment and vitality. It provides courage to express yourself freely. It is also a stone that can be used as a gateway to the Divine feminine both within and her outer manifestations.

Finally, aquamarine is a great stone to help one with transition and change.  It aids in releasing resistance and overcoming the fears associated with transformation in your life. It will bring all the faith that it affords when wearing one through such times.

Birthstone for the Zodiac Signs:

Zodiac Signs that Aquamarine Involves their Guardian Angels While Wearing:
Aquarius, Aries and Leo

Archangels that Vibrate to Aquamarine:
Archangel Raguel, The Archangel of Healing Relationships

Goddesses that Vibrate to Aquamarine
Kuan Yin, The Goddess of Mercy, Compassion, and Unconditional Love. Also the goddess of protecting of women and children, and champions for the unfortunate.

Goddess Akna
The Mayan Goddess of Motherhood and the Slavonic Water Goddess

May you find your inner water goddess this month!

With so much love,

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