The Happy Traveler – “She” – Mixed Media Art Original Artwork

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The Happy Traveler – “She” – By Tara Marie Jack

I named her “She”. – She has Courage – She has Strength- She has Wings – She has Wisdom – but most of All – She has Unconditional Love for Herself.
She is the feminine power that resonates within all of us.

Message written on back reads:
“Courage is Strength
Strength is Courage
Face Your Fears
Trust Yourself
Love Yourself
Be Kind to Yourself
Give Yourself the Unconditional Love You Deserve”
And signed by the Artist

This piece of Art was inspired by a meditation & expanded itself in color on paper.
The animals in this picture all appeared in my meditative journey & I believe that animals play a role significantly through spirit & have their meaning. In this case, each one has their meaning:
Deer- unconditional Love, gentleness, vigilance, intuitive, trusts & grace
Rabbit- facing fears, abundance, creativity, success & awareness
Owl – wisdom & deep connection with intuitive knowledge

This original art work can be purchase by clicking here and is done on 140lb. Pressed Mixed Media Art page measuring 11×14″ & is matted & ready for framing. With mat framing measures 16×20″. Comes sealed in plastic for protection during transport.

*Website & Logo are not on artwork

Mediums used in this painting include acrylic paints, Faber Castell markers & gelatos, professional art crayons & water color paints & more. Page is sealed in a matte varnish for longevity.

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