The Fear Of Fitting In And The Divine Goddess

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“Through my jewelry, it has given me a way to feel like I fit in.  It has become a space in my life to feel safe. When I create jewelry I can see its beauty.” – Tara Marie Jack, VIP Spiritual Leaders

Fitting in has always been a huge theme in my life. Lucky for me, this means that I get to step out and live my authentic truth and gain love for being exactly who I am, right? Isn’t that easier said than done? Fortunately for me, My soul gave me all the perfect experiences as a child to step into this huge fear in my life.

Fitting in. What does that mean? Or better yet, what does that feel like? Well, I used to feel that I was all alone in this journey, of not fitting in until the Universe miraculously placed people in my life to help me understand that I am not alone in this feeling.

Not fitting in is a constant struggle for someone in crowd settings – there is a fear of being not good enough to be there, it’s a fear of being judged, that this one doesn’t like me and so on.

Quite frankly it’s exhausting! The ego plays all of these scenarios in our heads and it can keep us from experiencing the magic of the present moment. Then you’re left empty because you missed the enriching experience of why you came there in the first place. You end up feeling bitter or your ego tells you stories that your stupid or validates the original fear of not being good enough. It actually becomes this vicious cycle of non-truth.

Shit, we are made out of God’s love! I recently learned how special it is to have been born… Did you know that the odds of someone being born is like a 1 in 400 trillion chance? Yes, scientists have now determined that we are a miracle in itself.

When I heard this, I was astonished- it vibrated through me to my soul of higher truth – you know goosies in your head area. That awareness has been a miracle to me and my ever evolving growth.

I truly believe that we are guided to be, see and hear the messages needed to create the highest form of ourselves on our journey – I knew I had heard that Ted Talk that my YouTube channel list played for me to hear that at the exact moment that was necessary for my growth – a miracle. Since I heard that talk, I have rerouted my thinking to affirm this miracle and the miracle of myself.

Is this easy, no but any goal or objective in our lives is never easy. It takes hard work and determination, and most importantly dedication. But, like every goal and objective, we strive towards, when we achieve it, that is most rewarding.

Our ever-loving ego… isn’t this the most special gift that we received as humans? Some people are aware of it, some people aren’t. Either way, it resides in us.

You may be wondering, how does one develop these stinking thinking thoughts well we develop these negative thoughts as a child. As a child we can develop these ideas by our parents, family members, teachers, and bullies while we are in the stage of processing the intake of life.

I’m no expert on the brain or psychology, though I am highly intrigued by both, I do know that these ideas become our way of life and like I said earlier it takes discipline to overcome these thinking patterns.

It also takes healing, and I have been a student with mentors for a very long time. Yet, I do know from experience you can do the work, you can read the books, tape affirmations to your mirror and look yourself in the eyes every morning and feel AMAZING- soaring through life and suddenly a trigger can arise where you crash dive down into the pit of low negative talk – you know that feeling- you suddenly find yourself searching for validation outside of yourself that you are loved, you eat that pint of Hagen Daz ice cream to push those feelings down. That’s when your ego will step in and give you the old I told you “you’re a bitch” message like a Facebook messenger- ding.

And here is where life gets grand again because let’s talk about triggers, the layers, without these triggers, we wouldn’t be able to evolve into the beautiful and best versions of ourselves, and the people we lose on our journeys aren’t losses they are just the miracle creating a space for the true ones that are to be by our sides, our true tribe.

Finally, the most beautiful of all this is the awareness of our souls to know our soul and her loving reflection and to know how worthy we truly are and that we are a Goddess. It is time to “Awaken the Goddess Within.”

So the next time, you have a trigger arise, take a step back. Sometimes it’s easy to be aware of it, and you can shift it quickly and other times, it may take a little longer and you may even have to dig into your bag of tools and aren’t you glad you have those.

The more you align yourself with your truth the easier it is to move to a higher vibrational space.

Finally, embrace these times and give gratitude for them. Acknowledge them for the more you acknowledge them, the less they will appear – it’s like you tell the Universe I got this and the Universe abides.

Recognize the timing, for me it’s usually always when something great is going on in my life, my ego self likes to play the self-sabotage game and now I get to say “not this time” I deserve the best in life!! And so do you, my friend.

I leave you with this mantra:
I Am Great
I Am So Loved
I Am Awesome
I Am Great
I Am So Loved
I Am Awesome
I Am Great
I Am So Loved
I Am Awesome
I Am Goddess Dammit!!

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