The Energy of March 2018

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Be Creative!

The month of March will have some challenges and the best way to handle the energy will be to get creative, meditate and wait to make big decisions! This month also has two full moons bringing some issues to an end!

FULL MOON March 1 at 11 degrees Virgo

During a full moon, the Sun opposes the Moon creating an inner conflict. It is usually our ego vs our emotions. This full Moon is opposing Neptune which can cause confusing emotions or a desire to escape. Do your best to stay away from drugs and alcohol now as there is an increase in overdoses with this aspect. This full moon is also conjunct a Fixed Star called Zosma, this star is known for increasing anxiety and depression. So instead of falling into a pit of despair, do your best to channel that energy into a creative project; pick up some paint, write in your journal, listen to calming, feel good music. Help a neighbor, find a cause and volunteer. Focusing on someone else will help you feel better!

NEW MOON March 17th at 27 degrees Pisces

New Moons are a time of new beginnings. But this new moon will require some internal work to get on a new path! The New Moon will trigger the asteroid Chiron (known as the Wounded Healer) causing an old wound or pain to rise to the surface. You may have been to therapy for years or you may have just buried it but whatever “it” is-it needs to be addressed again. With challenging squares to the planet Mars, “it” likely has to do with sex, rape, assault or anger towards men. Although it is always painful to relive the pain-this time you have a beneficial aspect to Uranus, which means you may get that light bulb moment that allows you to heal it once and for all. Be patient and kind with yourself and know that you are worthy of love.

FULL BLUE MOON MARCH 31st at 10 degrees Libra

This is the second full moon in one month-which makes it a Blue Moon. This full Moon is all about relationships, with ourselves and others. With squares to Saturn, we may be feeling stuck or frustrated. With Mercury square to Mars we may find angry words flying out of our mouths. It is wise to check in with your heart, journal your feelings and then do your best to have a calm discussion with your partner. Listening and being willing to compromise can lead to a healthy solution. If Love is at the foundation, stick with it, if not-move on!

Mercury will be retrograde March 23rd to April 14th

Mercury is the planet of Communication. When it goes retrograde it tends to cause computer malfunctions, miscommunications and delays in travel. It is best to back up your computer, have important discussions and signings before March 13th. During the Mercury retrograde dates, you can take the time to review, revise and relax! Plan to eliminate stress!

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