The Energy of February 2018

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The energy of February is optimistic and more fluid than January. Venus (planet of beauty and love), Mercury (communication) and the Sun (self) all join Neptune in Pisces, the Fish at mid-month, so we should all be swimming forward with ease!

New Moons are the perfect time to start new projects. This New Moon lands at 27 degrees Aquarius which really favors technology, astrology and yoga! It is conjunct Mercury, the planet of communication, so we will all be focused on learning, teaching, communicating and transportation. This is an excellent time to kick off a new business, write a book or start a podcast! The universe wants you to share your knowledge!

This New Moon is also sextile to the rebel planet Uranus. We can expect exciting new innovations and adventures. This is perfect timing for SpaceX founder, Elon Musk to have kicked off his rocket. It launched and landed successfully yesterday! He put the first ever red Tesla convertible car into space! He hopes to be offering rides to the Moon in four years!

The New Moon is close to two asteroids, Juno and Hygeia. Juno represents love, marriage and children. Hygeia rules our physical health and the care and nurturing we give ourselves. This is a great time to kick off a new healthy eating or exercise regime. These two asteroids invite us to focus on loving ourselves and the sacred people in our lives. With the New Moon in progressive Aquarius, people will feel more comfortable sharing their sexual and spiritual beliefs, regardless of the status quo. This is an opportunity to step up, shine your light and speak your truth!

Go for it!

Wishing you Blessings & a Happy Valentine’s Day!
Astrologer Katherine Metcalf

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