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An Angel Spoke to Me Today

Tara Marie Jack

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An Angel Spoke to Me Today

This morning I woke up like any other morning. “Something Amazingly Awesome is Going to Happen,” I state every day before I get out of bed. I get my tea, check my accounts, and get ready for a creative and productive day. But before I go, I set my day to meditate. Meditation is what keeps me feeling alive. It is my way to tap into spirit. Ten minutes is what I need to align myself with my higher self.  In times like these, it’s so easy for the ego to see all the chaos that may be surrounding us....

Unicorns, She and Being Deeply Connected

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the emergence of spring! I shared last month about the process of detoxing and decluttering and since then, I’ve picked up a new habit of going outside on a daily meditation walk with my four fur babies. This is a daily decluttering of my mind.  It allows […]