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Malas Saved My Life

Tara Jack

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Malas Saved My Life
I noticed as I created more and more of these that my personal life began to shift. My feelings of pain began to fade. My channel of connection to spirit began to be opened up again. My joy began to fill my days again. My abundance began to flow again. And most importantly, my peace began to be restored.

Life Book 2018 & Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelet Giveaway


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Right now I am giving away one of these fabulous Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelets. This giveaway, will be a step to a creative and healing journey for you, my Goddess in 2018. Right now, I am happy to announce that I will be an instructor along with 23 other amazing artists on Life Book 2018 […]

Be the Light Spread Love Spread Peace


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I have found myself over the past month finding myself triggered by fear – fear for our country – fear for our World and fear for our children. With all of the killing, hate and politics how could I not? I am an empath who is sensitive to the feelings that surround me. But then […]

Unicorns, She and Being Deeply Connected

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the emergence of spring! I shared last month about the process of detoxing and decluttering and since then, I’ve picked up a new habit of going outside on a daily meditation walk with my four fur babies. This is a daily decluttering of my mind.  It allows […]

Fabulous Bracelet

Tara Marie Jack

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