Super New Moon in Scorpio

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Greetings divine Goddess!

This weekend we are moving into the transformative energy of a powerful super new moon in 23 degrees of Scorpio. This will became exact at 9:07 PM PT Sat, Nov 14th (12:07 AM on Nov 15th if you're on the east coast).

A super new moon happens when the moon is at its closest orbit to the earth. We tend to feel VERY amplified new moon energies at these times. The new moon brings us opportunities for powerful new beginnings in our lives. 

Scorpio revolves around all that involves transformation, things that are hidden from view, power, death and rebirth. It's a time to release what is no longer working in our lives (old patterns, behaviors, relationships, structures) and be open to necessary change.

This new moon asks us to go DEEP within ourselves and examine what is coming up for us. Are you willing to go into the depths of your soul, into the mysterious shadow side and face what is there....waiting to be seen, acknowledged and accepted? What is asking to be transformed, released, or rebirthed?

Being courageous and willing to do the inner work now will bring about TREMENDOUS healing. This frees you to step fully into your power to live in alignment with your divine self. The recent 11:11 portal provides extra incentive to do this work and tells us that NOW is the time to release ALL that is holding us back from being who we came to this planet to be. We can no longer go backwards on this journey-we must stay true to our authentic self and continue to move into alignment with the beautiful new world that is being birthed.

Mercury moved into Scorpio on November 10th. Mercury's change of signs brings about the desire to dig deep in search of truth, to discover the darker secrets that have been hidden and bring them into the light.

New moons are for setting intentions and planting the seeds for your magical desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. It is especially powerful to write down those intentions and review them each morning and evening, reading them out loud and putting yourself in the FEELING space of already having that which you desire! 

Once you are clear on what you desire to create, take inspired ACTION on those intentions from now right up until our lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov 30th. Avoid Moon Void of Course periods when setting intentions.

Questions to journal or reflect upon now:

  • What am I disowning or rejecting about myself? Am I able to accept that part of me...and even be open to EMBRACING it?
  • Which areas of my life are overdue for transformation? 
  • Where am I hiding or keeping myself small? What fears are holding me back from fully expressing myself?

I would love to hear how the Scorpio new moon is impacting YOU! I invite you to reply or leave a comment about what insights are coming up for you. Enjoy! <3

Love, Light & Blessings,


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