Summer Solstice, Reinventing Yourself + Surviving The Heat

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Its summer time here in Arizona!!!  The heat is rich and embodying our essence.  It gives us an opportunity to feel ourselves.

At 110 degrees average here, when you walk outside you feel the heat like a wave crashing over our bodies. Its hard but its contrast to the beautiful weather we love and enjoy for the majority of the year.

There are two folds to this opportunity that we are given here, one, we are able to feel the heat, as we walk outside that heat hits our being, letting us know we are alive.  We are life, we have the power of feeling our essence in that moment.  It is a grand opportunity to feel the Sun’s rich and powerful rays, it is a part of the reason our Souls came here to experience this physical richness of life and every aspect of it.

The second opportunity we are given is the amazing richness of contrast that is in our lives.  Just as I mentioned in the beautiful months, we are posting on all social media outlets that we are so excited its 75 degrees and sunny here while others across the country are suffering in well below  weather conditions battling freezing snowstorms.

This contrast is like every aspect of our lives, the ying-yang, the duality that resides within us.  It is the opportunity that we are given every year.  And I believe, just like anything else we work on, if we shift our perspective about our environment, knowing that this is our blessed time to soak in the duality, we move through our heated days with more love and joy. It is truly our blessing.  Plus it gives us an opportunity to swim more, with family and friends.  It gives us opportunity to do more indoor things around our home, for me, I am going to take this gift to declutter my closets, cabinets and much more.  Clear it out and make way for the new.

Summer Solstice just passed, a time for celebration of the new blessings to come through.  I had the amazing gift last Saturday to witness the amazing James Uqualla speak and his words of wisdom rang through my soul.  I knew exactly why I was present for this, he said “Now is the time to reap the harvest of the seeds you sowed in January”  “It is a time to reinvent yourself to shine”.  And that is true.  So give yourself the gift of reinventing yourself at this half point in our year, reassess your new year visions, create new ones if the old ones aren’t working anymore.

Let this heated time in our lives be our ally and use it to our advantage.



P.S.  I have some upcoming events that can get you out of the heat and doing something so cool!!!

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