Self Worth, Self Sabotage and Divine Goddesses

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Most recently I was challenged for an upcoming photo shoot to share with her who do I see as my ideal clients. I have taken many courses throughout the years to describe this same idea & every time this came up I couldn’t get anything out. So of course, because it is for a photo shoot that I’m very excited to get, I had to sit down and challenge myself.

But thus time I wanted to find out why this is so hard for me to express. And what do you think came up? Yep, you guessed it, self-worth. That little bitty self-worth issue popped it’s way through again trying to self-sabotage my photo shoot!! Well, I showed it. And here is how my ideal clients showed up for me.

My ideal client is strong, capable, beautiful, smart, witty & full of experience. She is expanding her awareness about her connection to the Universe. She has been wounded and gets right back up to thrive, prosper and knows that everything happens for a reason. She is excited to trust her intuition.

She is connected to nature. She is inspired by its beauty.  She is grateful for its support. She honors its wisdom and its spirit. She knows that it’s connected to her and emanates love to her daily.

She believes in magic, unicorns and her dreams. She believes she is protected and guided by Angels.

She trusts with an open heart.

She is You, Me and All the Divine Goddesses out there.

She is a teacher, a real estate agent, a reiki master, a waitress, an artist, yoga instructor, and she is young, middle aged & wiser.

She is scared, she is authentic and struggles with self-worth but kicks its butt.

She is special, kind and loves with her heart wide open trusting that this love is coming back to her.

She knows when she is heart broken that she has learned a valuable lesson.

She is all of us and we are all of her… moving through her journey, loving life and wearing jewelry that makes her feel beautiful and unique… just as it is intended to do.

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