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Happy Full Moon, Divine Spirit! 

The energy of an intense full super moon is already on its way in! This takes place in 7 degrees of Scorpio on Monday, April 26th.This powerful celestial event becomes exact at 8:32 PM PT (11:32 PM ET). The themes associated with Scorpio are transformation, things that are hidden from view, power, and death/rebirth.

This potent full moon asks you to go DEEP within yourself and examine what is coming up for you. Are you willing to go into the depths of your soul, into your shadow self and face what is there....waiting to be seen, acknowledged and accepted? What is asking to be transformed, released, or rebirthed?

With a full moon, we are asked to consider the sign that the sun is in as well. We are experiencing the polarity of two opposing energies (the sign the moon is in is always exactly opposite the sun's during this time). Our goal is to create a harmonious balance between these two energies. With a Scorpio full moon, the sun in Taurus will put an additional focus on our self worth, finances, security, our beautiful Earth, the things that we place value on, our self care and comforts, and the material and practical world. 

Mercury, Venus and Uranus in Taurus are also all opposite our full moon. This creates a stellium in Taurus, putting a very strong emphasis on all of those earthy Taurean energies listed above!

Saturn is making a square to this Scorpio full moon, as well as to the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Look at where you can make a change-and begin to do the work to implement this now!

Being courageous and willing to do the inner work now will bring about TREMENDOUS healing! This frees you to step fully into your power to live in alignment with your authentic self.

Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn the very next day on April 27th, remaining there until the beginning of October. Here are some things that this retrograde may bring up for you:

  • Releasing the old, the outdated, the obsolete-old structures, attitudes, thinking. A huge¬†internal cleansing!
  • We tend to have deeper insight and are more aware of the motives of others
  • A time for assessing where we are giving our power away and where we are feeling out of control with certain patterns in our personal lives
  • Regeneration¬†in the area of health

Be aware that during full moon periods, emotions tend to run high and you may feel more sensitive. Give yourself the needed time and space to feel and process your emotions-and know that others may need to do so as well.

Full moons celebrate the culmination of the things you have been working to achieve since the beginning of the cycle with the new moon 2 weeks ago. Be sure to celebrate ALL of your amazing achievements, big and small!

Once this full moon becomes exact, it is a PERFECT time to focus on releasing what no longer resonates with you and anything else that is holding you back from moving forward with your dreams and desires. Reevaluate now and decide what you want to release from your life. What is no longer serving your highest good? You can journal about what you intend to release and then burn the paper in a fire safe container, releasing that energy to the Universe to be magically transformed.
Questions to reflect or journal upon:
  • Where have I been resisting¬†transformation?
  • In which area of my life am I feeling most out of alignment?
  • What is my shadow self asking me to look at and acknowledge¬†within¬†myself right now?


I would love to hear how the Scorpio full super moon is impacting YOU! I invite you to reply or leave a comment about what insights are coming up for you. Enjoy this magical time! <3

Love, Light & Blessings,


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