Mango Calcite

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Mango Calcite, also known as Orange Calcite, is another energizing crystal. It increases your vitality, creativity, and confidence.




Mango Calcite is associated with the Harvest Moon for its association of its color just as it hits the horizon will warm the soul and prepare you for the cooler season. It is perfect companion in the Autumn season.




Energetically it cleanses and purifies physical body of any negative impurities. It promotes mental clarity and supports memory function.

It facilitates intuitive visions and quickens your spiritual development. It is an excellent companion for channeling work. It also helps you with clearly understanding your souls destiny.

It promotes astral traveling and dream work.

It works with the Sacral Chakra by activating your motivation. It provides strength and resilience. It dispels procrastination, laziness, depression while creating space to execute your goals.

When working with Mango Calcite, using breath work is helpful. Listen as it will help you see how you can schedule, organize and create your dreams. It is a great stone to use in the process of bringing your desires align with the execution to fruition.

Companion crystals - Lemon Calcite and Blue Aragonite.

Zodiac - Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini


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