Life Book 2018 & Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelet Giveaway

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Right now I am giving away one of these fabulous Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelets. This giveaway, will be a step to a creative and healing journey for you, my Goddess in 2018. Right now, I am happy to announce that I will be an instructor along with 23 other amazing artists on Life Book 2018 – When you register for Life Book 2018, with discount code, LOVEBOMB2018, you will receive 20% off the year long course, but you will also be entered into my giveaway for one of my newest and dearest collections, the Badass Warrior Gemstone Warrior Goddess Bracelets.

You can purchase your year long subscription here. Once you have purchased your subscription, you will be automatically entered into the giveaway. Share this blog on social media, make a comment below and you will be entered a second time!!! The winner will be announced, Saturday, September, 30th at 4:44pm MST.

Are You a Badass Warrior Goddess? Yes You Are!!

Visions of designs for Jewelry come to me and then I am prompted to design them. I see designs in my third eye and create them… while other times, the best way that I can explain it in words, they’re downloads. Downloads have an altogether different feeling; they are an expression of the innermost part of my soul. My newest collection, Badass Warrior Goddess Bracelets, has been created to raise Women to their highest potential.

This collection represents the strength, the courage, the warrior of the Divine Feminine. It represents the women who have felt failures, and get back up to go get at it again. These are for the women that are not afraid to shape and shift their lives. These are for the women who have been afraid to step out of their comfort zone but do anyway. These are for the women that feel the desire of something better for themselves. The women that push through lack of self worth, each and every draining day of it.

This is for the mothers that are the core support of their family. The empaths who feel the weight of the world.

This collection also represents the women who have been raped, physically abused, molested, bullied because of their looks, bullied because they are different, and for the women that have lost their breasts to shitty cancer.

For every woman in this World, has had to hold their damage inside of them, conquer them, move past the guilt and shame. They have had to muster the strength to continue walking their journey. They have had to be strong and even through each and every special story that a woman holds within herself; she is resilient. She still finds the courage and her way to hope. She still finds her way to love.

She still finds Her way to being the nurturing, loving, hopeful, courageous, “I got this” Badass Warrior Goddess that she is and was destined to be.

Most importantly, she has learned to laugh, dance and smile in spite of it all.

With so much love,
Tara Marie Jack – Intuitive Artist & Jewelry Design

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