Libra super full moon March 28th, 2021! ♎

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Greetings, Beautiful Spirit!

This weekend we are embracing the beautiful energy of a magical super full moon in 8 degrees of Libra. This will occur at 11:48 AM PT (2:48 PM ET) on Sunday, March 28th.

With this supermoon (an extra-powerful full moon at its closest orbit to the earth), we can expect to feel VERY amplified full moon energies and emotions.

Libra focuses our attention on creating harmony, peace and balance in all areas of our lives with a special emphasis on our relationships. To balance this out, the Sun in Aries (opposite the moon) puts the focus on our relationship with ourselves. Chiron conjunct the Sun and Venus brings about opportunities for healing the self as well as relationships with others.

If you are feeling like some relationships are out of balance or not as harmonious as they could be (including your relationship with yourself!), you can begin to take some steps to make the necessary changes to transform those relationships and create more peace for everyone involved. This is a great time to look at where you have conflicts or misunderstandings with others. Can these be resolved? Do you need to forgive and release them....or maybe even the relationship itself?

Take a look at where you may be doing a disservice to yourself in your relationships. Do you have a belief that you need to compromise your values, your goals, or yourself to please another? Libra wants us to have harmonious relationships that honor both parties equally. If you are in a codependent relationship, it's time to look at how you can address that unhealthy balance as well.

Also take a deep look at your relationship with yourself. Spend some time going within and being in connection to Spirit, noting the insights and guidance that come through. Create this daily space of peace and quiet, noticing what is coming up for release and where you are being guided to create powerful new beginnings in your life. Venus joining the Sun in the sign of Aries on March 21st offers an additional focus on our feelings of self worth, teaching us to honor our own needs and sense of self whether we are in relationship or not.

Full moons celebrate the culmination of the things you have been working to achieve since the beginning of the cycle with the new moon 2 weeks ago. Be sure to celebrate ALL of your fabulous achievements, big and small! Reevaluate now and decide what you want to release from your life, whatever is no longer serving your highest good. You can journal about what you intend to release and then burn the paper in a fire safe container, releasing that energy to the Universe to be magically transformed.

In 2021, we are being asked to:

  • Align fully with our Truth and release absolutely EVERYTHING that no longer fits.
  • Be willing to boldly evolve and transform every aspect of our lives.
  • Deeply love and respect the planet, the animals and each other.
  • Accept the breakdown of the systems and structures that no longer serve us-and be an important part of bringing the new ones to life.
  • Stay focused, present and positive as we move through a time of unprecedented change!

The full moon is a powerful time to work on the above by asking yourself:

~Which of these areas is most important for me to focus my attention on during this Libra full moon cycle?

Journal or reflect upon what comes up for you!

If you would like to learn more about what this Libra full moon means for you personally, you are invited to join me for my live video on Sunday, March 28th in my Facebook group Awakening to Your Cosmic Design.

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I would LOVE to hear how these powerful lunar energies are affecting you! Please feel free to reply to this email if you would like to share your experience <3

Love, Light & Blessings,


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