Gratitude and Dishes

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Doing the daily dishes is a task that can become daunting at times. Some people even despise doing them.

But for me, it becomes moments of gratitude.

I can’t even remember how long ago this came about, probably around 8 years ago when I bought my house.

While I do my daily dishes my mind goes into gratitude mode and I find myself in a place of gratitude for the simplest of items, such as dishes, or silverware – a dishwater, running water and my accomplishments of owning these simple luxuries.

Most recently, I started questioning my thoughts as to why I go to this place of gratitude, for me, its automatic, it’s not something I put my mind to do, you know?

I was reminded that many years ago, there were times, sometimes I didn’t even have toilet paper and I would have to sneak a roll from my best friend’s closet who lived upstairs, she would yell at me when she caught me. LOL.

Now I am grateful for the shelter, I have, the dishwasher, dishes and ALL the little luxuries that dwell in my shelter. I am reminded that so many here and abroad don’t have the simple luxuries, like running water.

I find that giving gratitude while I am doing the dishes, brings me to a place of centering in my heart space, it opens my heart to the possibilities to come.

It gives me perspective when I want more.

It gives me time to look at what I already have.

What I have accomplished.

It is gratitude for this life I have created.

Do you have similar gratitude moments? I would love for you to share your gratitude moments with me by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

Much love & light
Tara Marie

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