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Tara fitting in with creativityAs a beautiful, perfect soul on my journey throughout this movie we call life; I have chosen to move through the story of “Self Worth” and finding how to experience that this time around (sound familiar?). And because of many challenges during my childhood, I have grown into a beautiful woman continually struggling with my self worth.

I somehow always have had this underlying feeling of being different. Now we are all different, just like a snowflake. I say different meaning I feel like I don’t belong, always unable to “fit in”, somehow paranoid of what someone else thinks about me. I will go to many extremes to make others happy with me, while not honoring myself or worst than that, not valuing myself. Learning about my innate worth but my humanness, “the Ego”, that plays the story “I am not worthy” or “I don’t deserve”, pops up time & time again. These deep rooted beliefs which were created from childhood experiences, somehow bully it’s way through the years of self worth studies. So I can no all day long my self worth but to FEEL my worth.Tara fitting in with creativity 2

That is why I LOVE Art!! With Art, I feel safe. I feel accepted. It is a place I can go to, escape from the mind chatter and just be. I accept and love the beauty that transforms through my inner being and through my hands. It is a place I can go to and know I “fit in”. And every time I go there, there is that one more bit of me on a cellular level that heals. It is my therapy for Art is Therapy (it doesn’t matter what form it may be, it is your Art). It cleanses my heart and my soul from fear and creates peace in my world.

Create Your Peace. Create Your Art. Create YOUR World!! You Are the Artist of YOUR Life!!!

Many Blessings!!

Tara Marie Jack

Intuitive Artist

“Spirit Guides Me”


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