Fiery new moon in Aries April 11th, 2021! ūüĒ•

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New moon Greetings, Goddess!

The winds of change are ushering in a very powerful new moon in 22 degrees of Aries this Sunday, April 11th. This will occur at 7:31 PM PT(10:31 PM ET). 

The Arian themes include assertiveness, action, decisiveness, enthusiasm, leadership, courage, initiating, eagerness, and enterprise. Have you come up with an amazing inspired idea and are waiting for the perfect time to get it out into the world? Trying to summon the courage to become the leader of your own life? There is no better time than a fiery Aries new moon! You can begin by taking just ONE small step towards bringing those ideas and plans into reality.

The red-hot Arian energies are even more amped up now as the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron are all joining the Moon in the sign of the ram. You can expect to receive an extra-large dose of motivation and inspiration with all of this fire energy! You may already be feeling an intense desire to push forward and get things in gear.

Mars will be positively aligned with Jupiter throughout this week, providing us additional confidence, energy and inspiration to take those action steps we are intending. Notice where you are being drawn to go and allow your intuition to guide you forward, even if it feels a bit daunting.

Pluto will be in a square aspect with Venus as well as our new moon. This can bring up some intense feelings (and potentially power struggles) in our love relationships. It's helpful to check in with yourself and ask: "Am I giving myself the love and care that I need?" We must remember to keep filling our own tank, not relying solely on our partner to do it for us <3

Venus moves into Taurus on April 14th, where it will remain through May 8th. This will create the opportunity to focus even more on how we can bring more love into that relationship with self, as well as what brings us joy and comfort. This will be the perfect time to do the things that make you feel treasured, pampered and happy! You deserve it :-)
Our finances and what we truly value may also become a focus during Venus's foray into the earth energies. 

This Aries new moon is an especially powerful time to set your intentions and plant the seeds for your highest desires to manifest later on in the moon cycle. The best time to set intentions and act is within 48 hours after the new moon becomes exact. Avoid setting intentions while the moon is Void of Course. 

If you would like to learn how this powerful Aries new moon energy will impact you personally, you're invited to join my Awakening to Your Cosmic DesignFacebook group for my live new moon video on Sunday, April 11th! I will be talking about where this particular new moon falls in your astrological chart (and therefore which area of your life will be impacted). Information will also be provided about the best times to set your new moon intentions.
Questions to reflect or journal upon for the Aries new moon:
~What one action can I take right now to bring my dream closer to manifestation? 
~Where in my life am I being asked to become more courageous and take risks?
~What powerful decision do I need to make now that will best serve my highest good?

I would love to hear about how you are experiencing this fresh and fiery new moon energy! If guided, feel free to reply to this email with what is coming to your awareness at this time <3

Love, Light & Blessings,


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