Detoxing and Releasing What Doesn’t Serve You Anymore

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It is a New Year, 2016, which equals a “9′ vibrational energy. The “9” is about release, letting go of what no longer serves you and endings.

You may see a lot of people transition this year. It is an emotional experience but their soul is being released because they are finished. For those that are not finished, it is crucial that we dig in and release those things that are no longer serving us, whether they be thoughts, material items, etc.

For me, I have committed to a 44 day detox, that my mentor, colleague and friend, Sunny Dawn Johnston is now holding space for so many.

It is not a conventional detox, where you fast, its a detox of spiritual nature.
Each day you receive a thought provoking challenge and you are encouraged to dig deep and find those aha moments.

I have so many and have been releasing each step of the way. The benefit… feeling lighter with each step of the way. Feeling my energy rise, feeling my courage rise, and feeling excited about life again.

I have to share one of the reflections I had this month through the choice of my power Art.
For me, as an artist, it feels so good to move through emotions through art, specifically through paint & color.

I signed up for an art class started in the new year – I haven’t gone in to start… until tonight.

After these past two weeks, I have moved through so many emotions, many extreme ups and the hard energy of extreme lows. I discovered as I went in to start my online art class that I wasn’t updated on my account and didn’t have access to my classes.

I was so bummed because I was ready to try some new art challenges. So, instead, I tried a free online course named Art, Heart & Healing and WHOA!!

The class is about moving through stinking thinking thoughts. You have to write your negative thoughts out and then she moves you through a process of forgiving your negative thoughts and releasing them though covering them with gesso.

Tara Art

It took me three thick layers to cover these thoughts and they are still showing through! I realized that these layers represented how deep these negative scars inside are – and after three layers, I saw a few significant words are popping through.

I am going to release them through the background and I am feeling so good right now through all of the awareness I have been moving through, as well as connecting with in my heart. I am releasing so much in my own way.

I finally finished my art page – what a therapeutic experience – full of awareness, forgiveness and release. I was able to create a space in my heart to acknowledge these voices in my head that really wanted to protect me from other harms by telling me the things that essentially held me back and created FEAR – a false sense of reality.

I honored them, released them and created a connection to Love to hear my Authentic Truth. The scars were very deep and it took a lot of love to let them go.

I am grateful to be a part of this challenge and highly encourage anyone that wants to release some things that no longer need in their lives. Its not too late, you can join right now for this is your Divine Timing my friend. Oh yeah and did I mention its completely FREE!!!

To register, just go to: and start moving your baggage out!

Many Blessings, Love and Light,
Tara Marie Jack

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