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Ocean Jasper aspires to relieve our stress and tension while uplifting feelings of relaxation reminding us we are safe and protected. A stone that instills happiness, Ocean Jasper inspires feelings of joy by aiding the release of negative emotions and thought patterns.

Ocean Jasper is known as the stone of joy. It also teaches us to prioritize yourself.

It is found only one place in the world, off the shores of Madagascar. It’s history is a mystery, found on a beach in the 1990s. It’s popularity grew from its unique patterns. What is known is that this beautiful stone is formed through lava cooling over silica which then creates these amazing colors and art within each piece.  Ocean Jasper is found in an array of colors. The most common colors are in the greens with its orb like patterns. The more unique colors are the blues, pinks, reds and orange. Each piece tells its own story.

Ocean Jasper is also known as the Atlantis stone. 


With it’s beautiful colors, and patterns, it promotes happiness when you work and especially when worn.

The most beneficial thing that Ocean Jasper can teach you is to make yourself a priority. 

For most of us, prioritizing ourselves typically falls to the bottom of our daily lists. However making time daily to nurture ourselves is essential to our growth, and our spiritual expansion. 

Taking as little as five minutes a day, to be present will create beneficial shifts in your personal space and well being. Hence, promoting joy, happiness and a sense of well being. 

Here is an affirmation to help you practice this self care. Holding or wearing Ocean Jasper and stating the following while looking in your mirror: 

I Am a Priority
I Am a Priority
I Am a Priority
I Am a Priority
I Am a Priority
I Am a Priority

Another easy affirmation to access more self care in your life and space, is

”Prioritizing myself is courageous” 

I have created a downloadable affirmation card to help you create your self care practice with several affirmations to practice while working with Ocean Jasper.

Ocean Jasper is also very helpful with circular breathing during meditative states. 

For the physical body, Ocean Jasper will stabilize nutrition within the body, it improves digestion and eliminates toxins from the organs. This helps with overall health and well being.


Astrological Sign - Aries

Ocean Jasper is the Ascendant Crystal for the Aries. It helps the Aries align the rambunctious side of the Aries to his/her positive side of patience. The Aries lives a fast paced life, determined to carry out tasks, Ocean Jasper helps you as an Aries, to follow through in harmony. 

Ocean Jasper will also help the Aries with courage and confidence. 

The combination Ocean Jasper with Mookaite creates the fairy godmother blessings for the Aries. These blessings provides a balance between the inner and outer experiences while balancing the desire for new adventures.

The mask for the Aries can appear brash and independent. When really wanting to cooperate. Using Ocean Jasper with a piece of Carnelian will help you enable and communicate clearly to channel your energy into the joint ventures you seek out.

Aries Meditation


Holding a piece of Ocean Jasper while breathing in a circular motion, gently focus your attention on the Jasper breathing it’s energy into your solar plexus. You will then feel it’s power to enhance your courage while slowing down your impatient outer self; this allows harmony to take over your being. By practicing this daily, you will feel ready to step out of your awareness and ready to conquer the world with renewed stamina and awareness. 


Ocean Jasper and the other realms

Ocean Jasper invokes the mermaid world. Being of the ocean, it is said that the gift of this stone is one of the gifts given to us from the mermaid world. When wearing or working with this beautiful stone of the water, it will help you to feel the calmness of the ocean and soothe your well being as if you are at the beach, breathing in the waves crashing long the shores. Work or wear this stone when you want to feel the presence of the playful mermaids. 

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